Using community AI enablement with secure contract blockchain at primary and support industrial activities


Digitalization gives rise to new dimension on the value creation at several business activities. Crowd flavor activities are a type of complex network interaction model between humans, technology and environmental factors. As an interaction model, it requires structured rules or principles to moderate its own behavior.

Status: In Progress
Updated: November 13th 2018

Potential Benefits

  • Support activities such as infrastructure, finance and research & development; can introduce digital models of crowd testing, crowdfunding and crowd ideation; to fasten, augment and enrich their outcomes.
  • On the other hand, primary activities such as inbound logistics, production, marketing and after sales; could also use crowd flavor events of the type of crowd logistics, crowd production, crowd promotion or crowd support.

Business Driver

  • Increased market demand and evolving industry dynamics have introduced significant challenges and unique differentiation opportunities to the market.
  • Cloud, mobile, big data analytics, and social “consumer” technologies have enabled companies to effectively engage business process in new ways.
  • Digital Enablement through the use of AI segmentation and Blockchain control and harmonization.
  • Idea validation through KPI. Logistics planning. Marketing, population, promotion and support segmentation.
  • Preventive maintenance and decision making. Funding segmentation and merging.

Project Log

October 31st, 2018

Leverage a combination of:

  • Crowd flavor activities as a type of complex network interaction model between humans, technology and environmental factors
  • Business modeling (BM) perspective, network orchestrator type of schemas add a wide reaching and continuously evolving value propositions creation.
  • Machine Learning (ML) capabilities as a catalyzer to increase knowledge rate acquisition for all of business processes

Crowd AI mobile app and platform

  • Software: PHP, NodeJS, Django, Azure, Laravel, C++, Python. Upcoming: SAP Leonardo.
  • Platform for secure WEB technology based on a structure of modular services written in PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS and C ++ on a SQL relational database and Neo4J graph  database with a Laravel/Django/Azure frontend and backend.