Using community AI enablement with secure contract blockchain at patient, health providers and suppliers activities


Companies are moving away from complex and fragmented business models to more integrated, patient-centric platforms requiring a transformation of supporting capabilities and infrastructure. In combination with complexity science relations models.

Status: In Progress
Updated: November 13th 2018

Potential Benefits

  • Quality of Treatment
  • Massification of Health Services
  • Medication adherence
  • Public safety and consumer awareness
  • Manufacturing supply chain insights
  • Combat cost of prescription drug abandonment

Business Driver

  • Connect Patients , Pharmacist and Payers.
  • Pharmacists can increase productivity in the prescription delivery process and deliver the safest possible medical care, and improve the overall quality of patient care.
  • Health Benefit Plans can improve formulary compliance, achieve more efficient generic/therapeutic interchange, and reduce administrative time and cost.
  • Personalized patient care is becoming an important differentiator allowing forward-looking companies to create lasting relationships with patients.
  • Life Sciences organizations are looking for new ways to engage and enable key stakeholders, and consequently, better serve patients.
  • Increased market demand and evolving industry dynamics have introduced significant challenges and unique differentiation opportunities to the market.
  • Cloud, mobile, big data analytics, and social “consumer” technologies have enabled companies to effectively engage patients in new ways.
  • Digital Enablement through the use of AI segmentation and Blockchain control and harmonization.

Project Log

October 31st, 2018

Leverage a combination of:

  • Patient pharmacy benefit eligibility & coverage formulary
  • Medication history information
  • Coordinated patient engagement supported by an enterprise and integrated patient services platform
  • Advanced analytics techniques
  • Treatment controlled by smart contract
  • Smart Contract Prescription

Patient Connect mobile app installed on patient and health practitioner mobile

  • Enables e-checkout
  • Shows health statistics
  • Reveals personalized promotions
  • Tracks patient needs inside during treatment
  • Facilitates help on demand
  • Empowers treatment completition